The need to enrich Nepal technologically and economically led to the establishment of International Marketing Services in 1993, now known as Integrated Mobility Solutions Pvt. Ltd. IMS became the first company in Nepal to officially import mobile phones and is the official national distributor of Samsung mobile phones and accessories since 2001.

The success of IMS is greatly because of the company’s strong belief in “empowering people.” IMS has always worked towards the development of the Nepal by bringing new innovation. With 35 distributors and 2000+ retail outlets across 72 districts in Nepal selling Samsung mobile phones and accessories, IMS has been a market leader in the mobile phone segment for many years. Focusing on providing excellent services, quality products, and competitive prices has given IMS the competitive edge in the Nepali market. It gives Samsung mobiles the much-needed network, human resources and ideas to penetrate, compete, and thrive in the market amid stiff competition with other global brands in Nepal.

A team of over 300 dedicated individuals guided by simple philosophy, strong values, and high ethical standards helps the company grow and achieve its objectives and goals.
This strong belief and constant hard work of the employees has helped IMS gain No.1 position in the mobile segment in Nepal by covering about 50% of the mobile phone market share in Nepal.